Eyelash Conditioner and Eye Makeup Remover


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Tunetti’s eye make-up remover will not only clear away your eye makeup but will also moisturize the skin around your eyes, condition your lashes, and encourage lash growth.

Benefits of Ingredients:
– Castor oil is a natural source of Omega-6 fats, proteins, and vitamins that are said to encourage dramatic hair growth.
– Shea butter is full of vitamins that are good for our skin and hair including Vitamin A, E, F.
– Olive pomace oil has essential nutrients along with mono-unsaturated fatty acids that strengthen lashes.
– Vitamin E has antioxidant properties that help repair damaged hair follicles and encourages healthy hair growth. In addition, the Vitamin E is great for fighting wrinkles around your eyes. Vitamin E has the power to reverse the damage done by harmful solar radiation and the free radicals in our environment.

Sold in a 4-ounce plastic amber jar.

Directions: Put a dime-size amount of the cream on your finger, work it between your fingers to warm, and apply. Wipe clean with a cotton ball or tissue. You can follow up with soap and water if needed. I like to leave the remaining cream on to soak into my lashes and moisturize the skin around my eyes.


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